Thursday, April 9, 2009

:: you've got to be kidding... no I am not ::

Juan Siquier has been on my radar for many years now. I catch glimpses of his work in my mind from time to time and want to revisit his work and genius here. He writes a blog, he has been digged, he has been featured on almost every CG site on the net, he is a musician, a photographer. In fact he uses photography as a starting point for his street scenes. Sometimes it is hard to tell the photograph from his art. One of the pioneers of CG, he started creating images before software and hardware became as sophisticated as it is today. I am a modernist at heart, but his images, with their painterly quality, are quite irresistible. They appear like photographs which have had touch ups and photoshop filters added. The level of detail is utterly mind-blowing. They are all created using the tools of his trade... a computer, a Wacom tablet, and a mouse... I kid you not...

you can see more of Juan's work at designdipp

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