Thursday, March 12, 2009

Houses at Sagaponac

It amazes me when people have a grandiose idea and then pull it off in reality. The Sagaponac House images, created in SketchUp, document the Houses at Sagaponac, a groundbreaking architecture project initiated by Harry (Coco) Joe Brown Jr. Educated at Yale and Oxford and a long time fixture of the arts world, (Beckett's "Knapp's Last Tape" and Edward Albee's "The Zoo Story"), Brown initially supported his endeavours with real estate investments which grew into a successful holdings company.

The project features houses designed by internationally recognized architects on a 100-acre site near the tip of Long Island. Sources of inspiration include the Case Study Houses in California commissioned by Arts + Architecture magazine in the 1950s and the 1927 Weissenhof Seidlung experimental housing in Stuttgart, Germany.

Brown is a true genius when it comes to combining art and business. Give me some lessons please. So many housing developments have fallen prey to the artlessness of bureaucracy. Bravo to Mr. Brown for his vision and steadfastness.

American Dream: The Houses at Sagaponac: Modern Living in the Hamptons can be purchased at Amazon and read on a Kindle.


  1. The builder who was hired by Harry Brown to build the houses contacted me by email and let me know that Harry passed away in December 2006. He has moved to the site and continues to build Harry's dream.

  2. has anything been built? how can one see the realised projects?