Friday, March 13, 2009

CG Architect Extraordinaire

Olivier Campagne is without doubt a highly accomplished architect / computer graphic artist! His images all have a certain quiet tenor. Their elegance inspires a reverence and solemnity. I like to study his images so that some of what he sees just might sink in. Every stroke of the mouse is pure genius. Thank you Olivier for your brilliant contributions to the world of architectural visualization.

Olivier has worked as a freelance CG artist and is now a partner at Arte-Factory LAb.
Read an interview with Olivier at CGarchitect.

  1. Architectural Visualization Competition Image 2005
  2. Babylon 2005
  3. Saint Benedict Chapel by Peter Zumthor 2005
  4. Tativille 2005
  5. Pavilion Seroussi by EZCT Architecture & Design Research 2007
  6. Concours VNF by Jacques Rougerie Architecte 2008
  7. Baby Building Amsterdam 2005
  8. CIIID Amsterdam 2004-2005
  9. Missile room 2005
  10. Pixel Art Movement
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